ROI Toolkit

Based on research, we develop standard tools and guidelines to predict, measure and improve the local impact of public events. These tools can be used by the different players in the sector to organize events with a high local impact. The developed ROI methodology for public events emphasizes that the local impact of a public event kan be improved by meeting the collective needs of the inhabitants of the municipality in which the event is organized in order to generate more local value (benefits).

Online tools were and are still being developed to calculate and improve this impact.

  • Social impact – Online tools to predict and measure the local social impact of an event: SCANNER (ex ante) and ANALYSER (ex post)
  • Economic impact – Online tool to predict and measure the local economic impact of an event: CALCULATOR
  • Visitor counts – Online tool to gain insight into the most appropriate method to count the number of visitors of an event: COUNT GUIDE (coming soon)
  • Visitor profiles – Online tool to gain a better insight into the profiles of the visitors of the event: PROFILER (coming soon)

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